General Anesthesia

Dr. Kapadia will evaluate your child at his/her initial examination visit. If your child has extensive dental needs and is unable to cooperate in the dental office due to young age, special needs, or extreme dental anxiety, the doctor may recommend treatment under general anesthesia. Because Dr. Kapadia does not restrain children for treatment or provide oral sedation in the office, she provides comprehensive dental treatment in a safe, outpatient operating room setting at UMASS Hahnemann in Worcester.

If general anesthesia is indicated, our staff will work with you to review insurance benefits, coordinate a pre-operative visit to be scheduled with your childs pediatrician, and of course to answer any additional questions you may have before the scheduled day of treatment.

Once your child has been treated and is cavity free, Dr. Kapadia will see your child for a post-operative visit. At this appointment, she will evaluate your child for normal healing, as well as review healthy diet and oral hygiene practices at home in order to prevent new cavities from forming.  In order to maintain good oral health and overall health after all of the cavities are treated, we recommend being seen regularly for hygiene and exam visits.